Seahorse Lang

Write Anchor-compatible Solana programs in Python

The ease of Python with the safety of Rust.

Seahorse lets you write Solana programs in Python. It is a community-led project built on Anchor.

Developers gain Python's ease-of-use, while still having the same safety guarantees of every Rust program on the Solana chain. Low-level memory problems are handled by default, letting you worry about the important stuff.
def init_player(owner: Signer, player: Empty[Player]):
  player = player.init(
    payer = owner,
    seeds = ['player-account', owner]

  player.owner = owner.key() = 100 = 0


  • Compile-time type safety

  • Fully interoperable with Rust code

  • Compatibility with Anchor

  • Built-in integration with Pyth

The Seahorse compiler generates intermediate Rust artifacts and uses Anchor to do some of the heavy lifting.

Seahorse is beta software. Many features are unimplemented and it's not production-ready.


Seahorse is more than just a compiler, it's also a community of people who want to make development on Solana better. We're on Twitter. You can also check out a bunch of other community-made resources here!

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